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“Thank you cannot ever express how much we appreciated you being the one to join us in our marriage.  The ceremony was beautifully written and captured the essence of our love.  Thank you for blessing our marriage!!”  Jennifer & Jason, Arizona

“Thank you for the moving, powerful and sacred ceremony.  We appreciated the rehearsal blessing that set the tone for our mutual family’s union.”  Christina & Hans-Peter, Colorado

“Amari married us in the most sacred marriage ritual set against the backdrop of Sedona’s Red Rocks.  We loved working with her and thoroughly enjoy reading the Wedding Ceremony Commemorative book to reaffirm our vows.”   Marta & Roch, Michigan

“In beautiful De Grazia Mission in the Sun Chapel, Amari created an amazing ceremony embracing my Celtic interests with my husband’s Jainism traditions.  Our altar had an authentic Indian wedding piece that she found for us. It was just perfect!”  Amy & Sanjay, Arizona

“Awesome!  Even as a poet that is the best descriptor I can come up with at this moment.  We’ve read and re-read the beautiful ceremony book.  Thank you SO much.”  Adelia & Margie, New Mexico

“At first I was concerned that my grandma might be off put by the non-traditional ceremony combining elements of Christianity and African ritual.  She LOVED it and even hugged Rev. Magdalena, exclaiming that it was the most spiritual ceremony she’d seen!”  Nicole & Charles, Georgia

Watching over 100 of our family and friends stand and assist with the creation of our Sacred Wedding Circle was an awesome and heart-warming sight.”  Debbie & Rolf, California

“We want to thank you for performing our wedding ceremony.  It was very beautiful and despite the threat of rain and cool weather, it turned out to be a most memorable day, rainbows and all!”  Jacqui & Chris, Arizona

"Thank you so much for helping make our wedding special.  Your guidance through this process has really meant a lot to us and we'll always remember you!"  Shay & Noah, NM

"As we reflect on our magical journey to Santa Fe, we keep coming back to... how fortunate we feel that you were a part of our ceremony.  You gave us a piece of your spirit to hold with us throughout our journey together and for that we are forever grateful." Amina & Anthony, NY

"Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony. Your words and blessings mean so much to both of us."
Anne & Allen, New Mexico


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