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Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies:

The first consultation and initial exploration is offered at no cost.  I'll be able to meet you in Bellingham and surrounding areas.  I’m happy to offer a free consultation so that you do not feel any pressure to make an immediate decision.  I know that you want your ceremony to be just right and that means carefully choosing the right officiant.  It is important that all of us feel a good connection and ease of communication.

After you’ve ‘slept’ on our meeting and decided to proceed, I kindly request a non-refundable deposit by mail.  When that is received, I’ll mail out a Ceremony Planning Guide along with suggested readings and diverse ceremonial possibilities for your consideration. 

The next step is for us to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss all aspects of the ceremony including:  your vision; personal preferences; religious, spiritual or non-sectarian considerations; cultural or familial traditions; logistics; ‘flow’ or feeling; rehearsal; processional; recessional; attendants involved; family to be honored; special prayers, remembrances or meditation,  etc.  I am also able to refer you to other wedding professionals to make your day extra special.  My goal and emphasis is to really get to know the two of you in order to create a ceremony of beauty and uniqueness.

My fees include the follow-up meeting(s), subsequent phone and email communications, tools for creating a healthy marriage, the rehearsal, appropriate blessings as requested at the rehearsal dinner and/or reception, and a printed commemorative book of your ceremony.

Fees vary depending on the number of people in attendance and the complexity of the ceremony.

Events under 50 people                                $225.00; $100 deposit to secure date
Events over 50 people                                   $300.00; $150 deposit to secure date

I am willing to work with your budget within reason. It is my intention to create the glue through ceremony that will help hold your marriage together through all of life stresses.

Balances are due on or before the wedding date.  I will arrive one hour or more ahead of the ceremony to assure that things run smoothly and to instruct any late participants in procedures.

If the wedding is more than 50 miles from Bellingham, there will be a small transportation fee based on mileage.  I’m happy to accommodate out-of-state weddings with transportation, meals, and lodging provided.

There are no other fees unless you wish for me to obtain special altar items.  Gratuities are appreciated for ceremonies that meet and exceed expectations.

If you are interested in pre-marital advising or learning tools to facilitate communication, money management, decision making, parenthood, etc., I am happy to offer these pastoral counseling services at an additional hourly fee.

Vow Renewals:

I also offer a free consultation meeting for vow renewal ceremonies.  As these ceremonies usually take a bit less time the fee reflects this.  My commitment to you in creating a memorable ceremony is to bring equal enthusiasm, creativity, and energy as if it were the first wedding.

Vow Renewal                                                 Depends upon the type and size of event

Please secure your date as far in advance as you are able so that I may be available to help you.  However, should you have a ‘spur of the moment’ wedding, I may be able to help you too or certainly refer you to someone who can.

Other services that I offer include:

Blessing Ceremonies (house, offices, special events)
Passing of Loved Ones
Commitment Ceremonies


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