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about Amari

Following a life-long passion for ceremonies and ritual, I became ordained as an interfaith Minister with Universal Brotherhood Movement (UBM) in 1993.  Since 1995, I have been a Minister Director for UBM. 

From beautiful natural landscapes alongside flowing creeks to formal church settings, I have created and performed truly unique ceremonies.  I have long recognized that each couple brings to their wedding a lifetime of experiences and traditions.  My flexible style encompasses the best of two worlds, beautifully merged in a sacred ritual of mind, body, heart, and spirit.  In over a decade of officiating, I have earned a reputation for joining couples whose relationships endure the shifting sands of time.  I believe that love, in any form, is sacred and I embrace performing both traditional wedding ceremonies and non-traditional celebrations such as commitment ceremonies and vow renewals.

Working alongside seasoned wedding planners and a variety of vendors, I have successfully married and joined couples in Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, California and Oregon.  I am currently available to perform ceremonies throughout Washington State, contiguous states, and other locales.


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